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Rijnsflowers is based at the flower auction Royal FloraHolland Rijnsburg and has spent over 30 years focussing on higher-quality flower and plant wholesalers and florists, which believe that good quality at a good price is critical. 

We do our buying from our “Dealing Room”; from here, we purchase from the 3 main flower auctions in the Netherlands and do business directly with Dutch growers and foreign suppliers. The “Dealing Room” is the beating heart of our enterprise, where our experienced buyers have direct contact with sellers and acquire the best flowers and plants for you.

At Rijnsflowers, we make use of all modern means of communication. You can order the best flowers and plants via our webshop, our app or by email. In addition to the use of all of these modern means of communication, we are also convinced that good personal contact with our customers is very important. We therefore maintain contact with our customers every day and visit them frequently.

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As a company in the flower and plant business, we strive to build an enduring, dependable relationship with our customer. We appreciate sales through our webshop, but we focus also on maintaining direct, personal contacts. To this end, we believe that personal attention, good service and a top quality product are indispensable.

Every customer has his own wishes and particular working method. In consultation with our customers, we devise 'tailor-made' solutions to achieve optimum results. Of course, we always guarantee a good price/quality ratio.

Mission Statement

From its very beginning, Rijnsflowers has been a dynamic, steadfast company. We strive to build an enduring, dependable relationship with all of our customers. Personal attention, good service and delivery of flowers, plants and accessories of exceptional quality are not only a matter of course at Rijnsflowers, but also our top priority. Our company's value lies in the quality of our stock, environment-friendly product handling and ease for our customers. These are also the aspects that make our company progressive.

Rijnsflowers is an integrated organisation; this offers the best options and benefits in terms of logistics, export, purchasing and variation. The diversity of our customer portfolio is enormous; every customer has his or her own wishes and working method. Together with our customers we dedicate ourselves to providing custom solutions, so that we get the most out of every relationship. We see it as our mission to provide our customers with the ultimate ease and speed they need via the various purchasing concepts. At Rijnsflowers, the customer is proactive and has a strong position and power of expression. In short: Rijnsflowers means optimum results and precise service at the best price/quality ratio.