The flower auction

Royal FloraHolland is known to be the largest flower auction in the world; it is a place where different parties come together to determine the price ratios via the auction system. Royal FloraHolland has a number of marketplaces with a Dutch clock auction system and uses an outstanding logistical network. In the centre of these three locations, Rijnsflowers has its main location in Rijnsburg. From this home base, we have the fastest connection with Schiphol airport, various ferries and highways into Europe. FloraHolland has three export auctions, in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg. It also has three regional auctions, namely Royal FloraHolland Venlo, FloraHolland Bleiswijk and FloraHolland Eelde.

Royal FloraHolland also has an international service network that connects supply with demand in the flower sector and in this way forms an access gate to international trade, providing a strong boost to all of those working with FloraHolland. In addition, they encourage sales, using a mediation organisation and by providing custom services such as concept development, personal sales, product promotion and market information.

Royal FloraHolland

Flowering the World Together, Planting Seeds of Opportunity for our Members. That motto is the reason for our existence, for why we are a cooperative. Read more about the flower auction Royal FloraHolland? Click the button below. 

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